Anti-aging Resolutions

How many of us are concerned about aging? My “wild” guess is that we all are :) So what can we do about it?

There are many treatments and products that can help, but to have really amazing results, a program involving professional treatments, structured home care, and lifestyle changes must be established.

So let me help you in making some “anti-aging resolutions”

1. Avoid deliberate sun exposure and tanning

Each time your skin is exposed to sun, it causes free radicals to form in the skin. These destructive molecules trigger a cascade of reactions in the skin, eventually causing a breakdown of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. these substances keep your skin firm and young.

2. Apply sunscreen every day

Most sun damage affecting the skin occurs from day-to-day cumulative ambient exposure, like walking to the mailbox and sitting by a window. Not all sunscreens are created equal and that is why I recommend only the safest products. 

3. Wear topical antioxidants daily

These agents neutralize the damaging free radicals that break down collagen and elastin. Antioxidants are best to use in a form of a serum to give you the most protection.

4. Use a vitamin A serum on daily basis

Vitamin A is a must in the anti-aging skin care routine. It stimulates cell renewal resulting in younger looking, plumper skin that holds moisture. I offer four different levels of vitamin A serums and we can pick just the right one for you.

5. Use products that repair your skin’s barrier function

What is the evidence of impaired barrier, you ask? Dehydration, dryness, susceptibility to irritation, reactive skin, sensitivity to environment or products. The skin’s barrier is comprised of various lipids. When it comes to proper skin health and barrier function, fat is absolutely your friend. I have several stellar moisturizers that will amaze you.

6. Treat your skin to a professional facial on regular basis

For the optimally functioning skin monthly facials are the answer. At your visit your skin gets evaluated by my trained eyes and a proper course of treatment is chosen to bring homeostasis to your skin and allow your complexion to function at its absolute best.

You also receive my professional recommendation for your home care regimen. Products that are selected for you are available for purchase right at my studio so you can start your home care immediately and be on your way to a radiant complexion. 

daniela hrdinsky