The real truth about vitamin A

This month I want to share a note from Dr. Ben Johnson, the founder and formulator of Osmosis Skincare. Here it is....

"If you asked any professional in the skincare industry they will tell you vitamin A is an essential part of a skincare protocol. This is true, but only for 1 type of vitamin A; stabilized retinaldehyde. There is no proven research showing that retinol, retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate ot any other form actually stimulates collagen. Even retinoic acid (Retin A), which stimulates collagen can be difficult on the skin. Retinoic acid had been shown to thin the dermis by 18% after one year of use.

Retinaldehyde is the only research proven vitamin A that stimulates collagen and does not thin the skin!

Osmosis made this powerful age-reversing ingredient liposome delivered so that we can get up to 600% more of it into the skin. Equally as important, Osmosis included additional collagen stimulators to feed the skin and maximize your collagen making potential.

Osmosis vitamin A products are not sun-sensitizing because of the technology they use. Vitamin A serums are a must for everyone!"

I am happy to give you a recommendation for the proper serum for your complexion. Don't deny your skin this key nutrient any longer. Book a free consultation or let's discuss this topic at your next facial appointment.

If you are not using one of Osmosis vitamin A serums yet, you should definitely start tomorrow for all the reasons above!!

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